Year 15

An Avaricious Heart

by E.Escher and Isegrim Wolf - 7th Aug 1999
Ancient history! This story was written in 1999 by myself and Isegrim as part of a collaborative fiction project. The project was named Galaxy Corps - the Blade of Fire, and this story was part of the 'Tinheart Insurrection' storyline.

This first chunk was written by myself...
‘So good to hear from you again, Ms Francis. I trust you are well?’

‘Very well, thank you. And yourself?’

‘Our last venture proved very profitable. It’s always a pleasure working with you.’

A slender vessel drifted lazily between the stars, deathly quiet but for the hum of it’s engines and the minute sounds of automated systems performing their duties. The 'Avaricious heart' was a beautiful ship, a swan poised ready to take to the air. Deep within, it’s owner, Diana Francis, was about her business.

‘I have a little errand you might find worthwhile. A hardware pick-up.’

‘If it’s a simple pick-up, why aren’t you using your usual channels?’

Diana laughed. ‘This calls for your... special skills, my old friend. You never turned down a challenge before.’

‘We both know that’s not entirely true.’

The chamber was dark, save for the soft glow of a high-definition com-screen. Diana reclined in a voluptuous leather chair and examined her nails.

After a moment’s pause, the face on the screen spoke. ‘I need details before I take the job, Diana.’

‘Of course, of course. It’s come to our attention that the Fenrir are utilising some rather special hardware.’

‘I’m sure I wouldn’t know about that, Diana. I’m hardly on good terms with the Fenrir.’

‘Not a problem. I want you to steal a sample.’ She brushed a fingertip over the screen. ‘I’m sending you details now.’

As the face on the screen glanced aside to study the data, Diana continued talking. ‘It’s a mek. We only need one, but we’ll pay for as many as you can obtain.’

‘What of the pilots?’

Diana raised an eyebrow, then shrugged, disinterested. ‘By all means, bring me a live one if you can, but don't go out of your way.’ She smiled expansively. ‘I’m sure they’re not worth the effort.’

‘If you say so.’ The other’s voice was deliberately deadpan. ‘The target’s location?’

‘A squad is being assigned to the vendorian defense station as we speak. Do you think you could be a dear and go fetch one for me?’

‘Security is tight. Getting them off the station is going to be difficult, Diana.’

Diana almost purred. ‘I’m sure you’ll think of something.’

‘I’m sure I will.’ A pause. ‘Let’s talk numbers.’
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MikeL says:
Read the five chapters of Mike in onw sitting and enjoyed them SO much. TY! :)
18 Mar 18, 21:50
Mike L says:
I will be looking at the new stuff and i am sure i will like it. Hope u r well <3
18 Mar 18, 21:50
Mike L says:
Sorry i have not been checking in. I am always thinking about your website and your screations.
1 Oct 17, 09:02
E.E. says:
Another chapter up. More coming tomorrow.
29 Sep 17, 09:41
E.E. says:
Okay, here we go, something new: crossover fiction.
28 Sep 17, 07:42
E.E. says:
Ugh. Forced to update Skype to include the latest rubbishy unwanted nonsense.
19 Sep 17, 13:07
E.E. says:
Funny thing: while assembling his StormWolf model, Isegrim somehow managed to put one of the parts in his mouth and chew it up.
4 Sep 17, 07:16
E.E. says:
Thanks, Mike. I'll be posting up something soon.
13 Aug 17, 16:50
MikeL says:
So what i am saying is, you just do what you want, :) --- a supportive reader.
13 Aug 17, 16:50
MikeL says:
At the same time, Whateley websites are always being plagued by people who are rude and crude and uncomplimentary and even abusive of the authors. Famously, it is said that this is why Diane Castle left. And her stuff was awesome!
13 Aug 17, 16:48
MikeL says:
TY 4 your post. Don't feel bad about "Dawn". I bet DaVinci had a bunch of paintings in his attic he didn't try to sell because he thought they weren't up to snuff.
16 Jul 17, 17:26
E.E. says:
I'm still alive! The Dawn story got some bad feedback on the Whateley forum, so Ive backpedalled a bit. Working on something new.
3 Jul 17, 22:34
MikeL says:
Just want you to know i still think about you, about the characters in Verity's Ark, and hope things are going well for you.
21 May 17, 06:27
JimmiXzSq says:
19 May 17, 13:28
MikeL says:
i should have said "hopefully in favor of nice real life stuff you like". <3 :)
19 May 17, 13:26
MikeL says:
I'm checking for updates/new chapters on Dawn. I know that you are winding down your web stuff hopefully in favor of real life. Lots of thanks and compliments and love.
2 May 17, 18:45
MikeL says:
Just wanted to say thank you for everything :)
20 Apr 17, 17:12
MikeL says:
I found more of Dawn on the Whateley site and enjoyed reading it very much :) ty!!
20 Apr 17, 02:02
MikeL says:
Read the first chapter of Dawn and the only criticism is it was too short! I was done reading it too soon. More, please. :) Most enjoyable!
5 Apr 17, 21:45
MikeL says:
You know how much I like the Whateley universe and how much i like your writing so "Dawn" is going to be, i am sure, the greatest mixture of two good things since peanut butter and jelly. Will be following it intently. :)
2 Apr 17, 16:58
Barnypok says:
1 Apr 17, 23:11
Barnypok says:
11 Mar 17, 15:58
MikeL says:
And thank you. I feel honored that you give me clues and name me. :)
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