Year 13


by Isegrim - 7th Aug 1999
'Listen up, final briefing before arrival at VDS-1.'

At the sound of their commander’s voice, four muzzles turn in unison to gaze attentively at the dark lupine standing just within the threshold of the cargo compartment.

'ETA is in just under two hours, at 04.00 GC Standard. If you haven’t synced your watches, do so now. If you haven’t finished stowing your gear, do so now.'

The voice pauses as he watches the squad spring into action, a cold smile tugging at the edge of his lips... '...and if you haven’t made peace with your Maker, do so now, because we seem to be heading into a hot combat zone.'

At this announcement, the team of scouts freeze momentarily, then quickly continue rummaging in their gear, shifting the remaining loose crates and modules.

Commander R’Tan’s eyes slowly rove over the figures moving before him, gauging their reactions....Grim, always a professional, the wolf not fazed in the least....Derah, the vixen looking as if she should be in another profession altogether and trying very hard to contain her nervousness....nice piece of tail, that......Shanni, ahh, sweet Shanni, too nice a bitch to be in an outfit like this, although her skills and mental stability were impressive for a female....and finally, Tors, well, nice-doggy Tors....


Tors Du’Ran had just been checking his watch when the barked command snaps him back, startling him out of his train of thought and sending a chill running down his spine.

'Ah, y-yes sir!?' he stammers, quickly turning and almost dropping the long sniper railgun he was checking...

Seeing that his voice has had the desired effect, Khantur R’Tan steps closer and asks in a deceptively mild voice:

'You’re not scared, are you Du’Ran? Hmm? Going to turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble...?'

'N-no sir, I’d never...'

Smiling slightly to himself, the commander turns his back on the frightened canine’s reply and addresses the rest of the crew, raising his voice to carry across the cargo hold.

'All right, no more lounging about, this is it, this is what we’re here for! I want you all alert, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! You all know the drill for disembarkment under hostile fire, I want the M&M’s on standby, full gear, including thrusterpacks. All other gear to be stowed in vacuum-pods, and that includes the maintenance modules! '

Turning to the gray wolf, Khantur’s voice takes on a sharp command tone.

'Grimar, report to me when the preparations are complete.'

'Yes, sir.'

The wolf’s answer is calm, obviously not very impressed by his commanding officer’s posturing . Frowning, Khantur R’Tan turns and stalks towards the exit, then suddenly stops and faces about, a steely glint in his eyes.

'Oh, and of course....strip down. Now!'

Smiling coolly, the dark wolf reaches up and unzips his midnight-blue jumpsuit, shrugging out of the shoulders, pushing it down along his thighs and finally stepping out of the garment, after having removed his boots. Standing back, he folds his arms across his chest and calmy watches the other team-members disrobe, a satisfied smile playing across his muzzle as he lets his gaze linger on the forms of Shanni and Derah...

'We wouldn’t want your clothes to hamper the nanite integration, now would we..? You all know how messy that can get. Tors, catch! Stow this with my gear, and have my mek ready in twenty, got it? Carry on!'

Flinging his jumpsuit towards the canine, Commander Khantur R’Tan exits the cargo hold, the airlock clanging shut behind his swishing tail.
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MikeL says:
Read the five chapters of Mike in onw sitting and enjoyed them SO much. TY! :)
18 Mar 18, 21:50
Mike L says:
I will be looking at the new stuff and i am sure i will like it. Hope u r well <3
18 Mar 18, 21:50
Mike L says:
Sorry i have not been checking in. I am always thinking about your website and your screations.
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E.E. says:
Another chapter up. More coming tomorrow.
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Okay, here we go, something new: crossover fiction.
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Ugh. Forced to update Skype to include the latest rubbishy unwanted nonsense.
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Funny thing: while assembling his StormWolf model, Isegrim somehow managed to put one of the parts in his mouth and chew it up.
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Thanks, Mike. I'll be posting up something soon.
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So what i am saying is, you just do what you want, :) --- a supportive reader.
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MikeL says:
At the same time, Whateley websites are always being plagued by people who are rude and crude and uncomplimentary and even abusive of the authors. Famously, it is said that this is why Diane Castle left. And her stuff was awesome!
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TY 4 your post. Don't feel bad about "Dawn". I bet DaVinci had a bunch of paintings in his attic he didn't try to sell because he thought they weren't up to snuff.
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E.E. says:
I'm still alive! The Dawn story got some bad feedback on the Whateley forum, so Ive backpedalled a bit. Working on something new.
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Just want you to know i still think about you, about the characters in Verity's Ark, and hope things are going well for you.
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i should have said "hopefully in favor of nice real life stuff you like". <3 :)
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I'm checking for updates/new chapters on Dawn. I know that you are winding down your web stuff hopefully in favor of real life. Lots of thanks and compliments and love.
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Just wanted to say thank you for everything :)
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I found more of Dawn on the Whateley site and enjoyed reading it very much :) ty!!
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Read the first chapter of Dawn and the only criticism is it was too short! I was done reading it too soon. More, please. :) Most enjoyable!
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MikeL says:
You know how much I like the Whateley universe and how much i like your writing so "Dawn" is going to be, i am sure, the greatest mixture of two good things since peanut butter and jelly. Will be following it intently. :)
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And thank you. I feel honored that you give me clues and name me. :)
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no more Verity's Ark. All good things must come to an end and V.A. was THE BEST!!!! Congrats on your writing. :) Love you.
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E.E. says:
And that's the end of my NaNoWriMo story.
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E.E. says:
Progress is good on the new story, but I don't want to give away too much. A clue for MikeL, though: the working title is 'Dawn'
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