Year 18

Knight titan( 17th Sep 2017 )

I thought the Contemptor dreadnought was big
Isegrim came over to visit last week, and we've had some creative successes. This is good news for me, as lately my creativity has been, well, not dead, but certainly very tired.

Ise brought along a kit to build and paint, a citadel Stormwolf, which is fun because the design of it looks an awful lot like the fenrir ships I designed back in 1997 for the Galaxy Corps stories. I might even get one myself and modify the design, or measure his and make something similar from card.

We went to my local Warhammer store (formerly a Games Workshop, but whatever) and Ise found some luggage tags with space marine logos on. He asked after a Space Wolves one, and they didn't have any. Much pouting. We did find a Space Wolves upgrade kit, which Ise has used to improve the pilot of his Stormwolf. Looks great.

We satisfied Ise's need for wolf-related merch by picking up some cheap blank T-shirts from Asda and decorating them with stencils and fabric paints. Worked really well, and I'm planning to do a lot more of those, as soon as I get myself sorted out.

I had a couple of warhammer projects to work on, myself. The first is the conversion of a Leman Russ battle tank, which I'm modifying to match a silly doodle I did years ago (Escher and Mara in a big pink tank). My second project was to assemble an Imperial Knight Titan, which I had ordered on eBay. I've used this seller before, and he sent me a Land Raider crusader/redeemer instead of the standard model. This time he sent me the Warden kit instead of the standard model. I hadn't ordered the Warden variant, in spite of the extra weapon option, because all the photos suggest it has naff-looking head options. I'm pleased to report that the warden kit also includes the same heads as the standard kit.

And ye gods, it's big. I was a bit shocked at the size of my contemptor, being twice the height of a standard dreadnought. The contemptor barely comes up to the Knight's knee. The knight's cannon is longer than the contemptor in its entirety.

I'm seriously looking forward to painting it.
12 Sep 23, 05:24
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digitalmouse says:
we miss your work! <3
21 Sep 22, 17:50
digitalmouse says:
hope you are still alive and kicking! Isegrim and Marai are alive and well, just saw them last month in Holland.
21 Sep 22, 17:49
digitalmouse says:
bring back Verity's Ark! \o/
21 Sep 22, 02:35
Jennifer Steinmetz says:
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E.Escher says:
Thanks, Horrid (cool name btw), I'm well and working on new stuff.
19 Jun 22, 08:04
4 Jun 22, 16:13
Horrid says:
I still miss Verity's Ark and remain grateful to the creator who gave me so many hours of entertainment. I hope you are well, :)
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