Year 13

Epilogue two

by Escher - 24th Aug 1999
Artificial twilight. The sound of running water and soft music. Recycled air with a twist of chemicals, carefully selected and blended to give just a hint of springtime.

Khayone lay sprawled over a pile of silk cushions, idly petting a large stuffed toy. The carefully monitored ambiance meant nothing to her. Her pale green eyes glowed softly in the dim light, amplifying and filtering everything she saw.

Mechanical hands made the toy walk over the pillows, a comical spring in it’s step. Reaching the summit, the toy turned and grinned it’s vaguely lupine grin. Khayone smiled back at it.

Diana told her she had a pretty smile, so Khayone did her best to practice whenever she could. She turned for a second to watch Diana beneath the steaming jets of the shower. A screen of vat-grown greenery all but obscured her view, a collection of exotic flora from around the galaxy. Condensation formed on leaves and flowers, glistening like morning dew.

Behind the plants, Diana’s skin was alabaster white against royal blue tiles inlaid with gold and mother of pearl. Like her body, Diana’s bathroom was beautiful, man-made elegance and aesthetic perfection.

Khayone watched the palm frond for a while, swaying softly as the ship simulated a gentle breeze. A sound, like a subdued chime, alerted her to an incoming message. A split second later, a woman’s voice echoed from concealed speakers around the room.

‘Incoming call.’

Khayone liked the ship’s voice. It sounded nice, friendly, it’s tones conveyed trust and benevolence. She’d once spent a whole week searching the ship for the owner of that voice, before Diana had explained about the computer. She’d almost cried.

Diana stepped from under the shower and walked slowly to the dryer. Warm jets gusted from all directions as she turned slowly on the spot, running her fingers through her hair.

Whoever was calling would have to wait. Diana Francis hurried for no one.

Khayone took a moment to sit the fluffy toy down, smiling again at it’s twinkling eyes and toothy grin. As Diana quietly walked past her, fastening the tie on a black silk bathrobe, she scrambled to her feet and followed.

- - -

Diana snarled. ‘Dammit!’ Leaning forward in her seat, she read the message again.

+++ Closed Channel Relay: Stn. 14C. FCC Dsg 'Brutus'. +++
Package rigged: Courier down: FCS Glennon lost.
Request pickup.
+++ Nav. Coords follow +++

‘Is it bad?’ Khayone’s eyes looked worried, and Diana smiled tightly.

‘Yes dear, it’s bad news. Your brother’s been hurt, and we’ve lost the present we were going to give Doctor Gyran.’

‘Brutus is hurt?’ Khayone frowned slightly, thoughtful for a second. ‘Are we going to go pick him up?’

Diana nodded. ‘I’m going to contact Doctor Gyran now, and have some of his robots there to meet us when we arrive. I want you to make sure your weapons are fully charged.’ she smiled then, her eyes cold and hard. ‘Somebody’s responsible for this.’ She tapped a fingernail on the comscreen. ‘Somebody’s going to pay.’

Khayone tilted her head, eyes wide and innocent. ‘Revenge?’

Diana stood and gently touched her lips to the cyborg’s forehead. ‘Yes, dear.’ she whispered. ‘Revenge.’ Silently, she stalked out of the room.

A smile touched the edges of Khayone’s lips. Revenge was good.
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MikeL says:
Read the five chapters of Mike in onw sitting and enjoyed them SO much. TY! :)
18 Mar 18, 21:50
Mike L says:
I will be looking at the new stuff and i am sure i will like it. Hope u r well <3
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Sorry i have not been checking in. I am always thinking about your website and your screations.
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Another chapter up. More coming tomorrow.
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Okay, here we go, something new: crossover fiction.
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Funny thing: while assembling his StormWolf model, Isegrim somehow managed to put one of the parts in his mouth and chew it up.
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Thanks, Mike. I'll be posting up something soon.
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So what i am saying is, you just do what you want, :) --- a supportive reader.
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At the same time, Whateley websites are always being plagued by people who are rude and crude and uncomplimentary and even abusive of the authors. Famously, it is said that this is why Diane Castle left. And her stuff was awesome!
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TY 4 your post. Don't feel bad about "Dawn". I bet DaVinci had a bunch of paintings in his attic he didn't try to sell because he thought they weren't up to snuff.
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I'm still alive! The Dawn story got some bad feedback on the Whateley forum, so Ive backpedalled a bit. Working on something new.
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Just want you to know i still think about you, about the characters in Verity's Ark, and hope things are going well for you.
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i should have said "hopefully in favor of nice real life stuff you like". <3 :)
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Just wanted to say thank you for everything :)
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I found more of Dawn on the Whateley site and enjoyed reading it very much :) ty!!
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Read the first chapter of Dawn and the only criticism is it was too short! I was done reading it too soon. More, please. :) Most enjoyable!
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You know how much I like the Whateley universe and how much i like your writing so "Dawn" is going to be, i am sure, the greatest mixture of two good things since peanut butter and jelly. Will be following it intently. :)
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no more Verity's Ark. All good things must come to an end and V.A. was THE BEST!!!! Congrats on your writing. :) Love you.
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And that's the end of my NaNoWriMo story.
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Progress is good on the new story, but I don't want to give away too much. A clue for MikeL, though: the working title is 'Dawn'
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